Meine kleine Beautywelt


Meine kleine Beautywelt
    Nagellack ein mal eins
    Nagellack - Sammlung
    Meine Nagellacke in Bilder (sammlung)
    Kleine Bodylotion Sammlung
    Yankee Candle/Village Candle Sammlung







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Meine Catrice Sammlung

Meine Nagellack- Sammmlung
14 - Purple Reign
15 - Denim Morre
17 Caught On The Red Carpet
18 Bloddy Mary To Go

20 Meet Me At Coral Island
27- The Pinky and The Brain
41 Two Million Dollar Baby
43 - Miami PINK
44 - Mermaid My Day
45 Kitch Me If You Can
47 - Orango Bloom
49 - Keep Pool
55- get the Blues
56 - Minti Wonderland
57 Karl Says Trés Chic
59  First Class Up-Grape
66 - Blue And A Half Men
79 The Bride Takes It All
80 Blurred Limes
81 My Yellow Fellow
83 All You Need Is Pink
84 Next Stop: Satin Tropez
 85 Can You SEA Me?
86 (S)wimbeldon
90 She Said Yes In Her Red Dress
107 Robinson Coralsoe
113 You R On My Mint

140 - Let`s Mauve on
160 -  Sweets For My Sweets
170 - I Scream Peach
240 - Sold Out For Ever
300 - Be My Millionaire
400 - Blue Cara Ciao
490 -  Iron Mermaiden
550- Marilyn & Me
560 - Rusty But Sexy
600 - After Eight
650 - Goldfinger
690 - Fred Said Red
800 - Heavy Metalliac
810 - ACid /DC
850 - Artha`s R.E.S.P.I.N.K
905 - Steel My Soul
910 Oh My Goldness
915 - George Blueney

Million Brilliance
02 Blue Skyfall
 03 Let`s Get Lost In Vegas
05 Plum Fiction
Liquid Metal -Matt
 05 I`m Legend Berry
06 LIlacLike
07 Be My Mermaid

 Crushed Crystals:
01 - Royal Red Ding
02 - PLUMdog Millionaire
 03 - Shooting Star
04 - Oyste & Champagne
05 - Stardust
06 - Call Me Princess
Expect the Unexpected LE (September- Oktober 2010):
C03 -  Purposely Purple
Out Of Space LE (Juni-Juli 2011)
C02 - Housons Favorite
Co04 - Moonlight Express
feMALE LE (Februar- März 2012)
Co1 - A Womans`s World
Cruise Couture LE (Mai 2012):
C04 - Feel The Yacht Beat
Coolibri LE (Juni - Juli 2012)
C02 - Twist Of Lemon
 C04 - Exotica

C01 Be Pool
 L’Afrique, c’est chic LE (August -September2013)
 C02 Quel bleu turquoise
 C03 Sunny Side
 C04 Rouge
  C05 L‘Orange

Crème Fresh LE (Februar- März 2014):
-C02 Maake Fast At Tiffany`s


Luxury Lacquers LE (März 2014)
- C01 100 perSAND Real
- CC03 Sandhopper
-C04 PLUMbeach
- C08 Waikiki Peach
-C01 Holo Manolo
-C06 Chromit & Miss Pinky
 Haute future LE (April - Mai 2014)
 -C01 Eletrix Blue
-Co2 Never green Befor
- C03 iROSEdescent
- C04 GaLILAxy
- C05 Gem Into The Future
 Le Grand Bleu LE (2014):
-C02 Mermaiday Mayday
-C03 Bella Auqarella
-C04 Entering Atlantis
LE Metallure (2014)
C01 Alluring Red
C02 Alluring Pink
Check & Tweed (LE September2014)
C01 London Calling
C02 England`s Rose
C03 Mind the Red
C04 Brit Chick
C05 Hyde In The Park
Feathered Fall (LE September 2013)
C03 Skies` Force
Visonary (Dezember 2014)
 C01 Mystic Moments
Co2 Veil of Vision
Co3 Greencard to Surreality
 Rock- o- Co (Januar 2015)
 C02 - Lilas Bleus
C03  Soleil A Solitude
C04 - Apricoco
C05 - Madame De Pinkadour
Nude Purism LE (März 2015)
C03 Pure Blue
Doll`s Collection LE (März 2015)
  C02 Playing in Lavender Heaven

Kaviar gauche LE: (2015)
C03 Love me Tender
C02 Honey Blossom

Normadic Traces LE:
C04 Trip Into The Blue

Luxury Lacquers LE (2015)
C03 Harlem`s Holo Shake
C04 Sweet Lavender
C15 Holo My Handy
Treasure Trove LE (November- Dezember 2015)
C02 Golden Graze
C 03 Caviar And Champagne
C 04 Treasured Twinkles

Lumination LE(2015)
C02 Cosmic Pink
LE Rough Luxury:
C02 Rustic Red
C01 Frozen Flows (Top Coat)

LE Graphic Grace:

C01 Geometric Greys
C02 Straight Style
C03 Functional Forms
C04 Graphic Glaze


 C05 Torqouisensai
C02 Sheer Silence
C03 Zensible Rose
C04 REDiant Energy
Net Works:
C05 Green NETtraction
C04 Mint Mashup
Kaviar gauche:
Catrice -  C01 Nude Subme
Catrice - C02 Nut Fleurie


 Catrice - C02 P(r)etrol
Catrice - C04 Return to REDtro
Catrice - C05 Retro Rosiness

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